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What a PETITE week!!!! posted by Matthew Moye


What a week we had here in the winery. It was non-stop picking, pressing and making Port. We closed out the Rattlesnake Ranch by picking the infamous Rattlesnake Petite Sirah early last week. It's been fermenting in T-bins under the winery crushpad all week and the smells have been UNBELIEVABLE. We also brought in the Greenwood Ranch Petite Sirah, Albright Petite Sirah and the Grant Street Petite Sirah. Collin's Cabernet came in as well. Of course, who should rear their head late in the game, Chardonnay. We brought in a record 15 tons. Chardonnay is usually earlier in the season but this year decided to take its time. Thank goodness it came in early in the morning because we ended up having to do 5 presses lasting 15 hours LONG! Last press didn't get loaded til 10:00 PM on Saturday night. Its now in tank ready to be put into barrel for fermentation.

With all this Petite in the winery we knew Port was right around the corner. Of course in its familiar/typical way, the tank was ready at 10:30pm last night. 10 Barrels of this sweet juice was put down. We still have 10 more to make out of another Petite batch (possibly again tonight). Right now the winery is "plugged". Meaning every bin and tank is full. We are in the process of putting some wines down to barrel to make room. To date we are about 75% done with the remaining to come in, in the next 2 weeks. Crazy fast harvest but things are looking excellent! Cheers ~ Matt