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We have bottled our 2012 vintage wines (2011 Reserves and 2013 Chardonnay) – which all turned out spectacularly!

We are sold out of almost half of the wines already. If you have an order to pick up for this year please CALL AHEAD and let us know when you are coming. If you do not have an order
yet, and don't want to miss out on this incredible vintage, please CALL, EMAIL or visit the "OUR WINES" page to place an order today, before we sell out completely.
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Holding pattern posted by Matthew Moye


Well we haven't picked any grapes since Monday. Sort of in a holding pattern waiting for more blocks to become ripe. The slowdown has helped us get caught up in the cellar with our pumpovers and presses. Fortunately this year the fermentations are going well and actually pretty quick. We have already pressed our Tempranillo, Syrah, Cabernet and some Petite Sirah is in the press as I write. Looks like we will be back in the field next week. The temps are pretty high this week, perhaps reaching 100 degrees today! That should help push the sugars up so we can get back to picking. Other happenings around the winery...the shipping department is hard at work packing up the states of Washington, Oregon and Colorado. Other states will soon follow, weather permitting. Also, for those who have orders to be picked up, the wine is ready! PLEASE call at least the day before you plan to come and pick it up, so that the wine can be pulled in the morning before the tasting room opens up. Cheers ~ Matt