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We have bottled our 2012 vintage wines (2011 Reserves and 2013 Chardonnay) – which all turned out spectacularly!

We are sold out of almost half of the wines already. If you have an order to pick up for this year please CALL AHEAD and let us know when you are coming. If you do not have an order
yet, and don't want to miss out on this incredible vintage, please CALL, EMAIL or visit the "OUR WINES" page to place an order today, before we sell out completely.
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Fat Lady posted by Matthew Moye


Well the fat lady has sung..sort of...we pulled the remaining blocks in on Saturday. 20 tons coming out of 4 blocks. It was a crazy Saturday. Now its just to finish the ferments and get it all down to barrel. We probably have about 3 weeks before we can really say we are done. We can now start our rain dancing and boy do we need it. The weather forecasters are saying we may get some moisture this week but I will believe it when I see it. The vines around the entire valley are looking mighty thirsty. As for how this vintage looks, I would say the 2014 vintage looks very promising with a lighter load this year we will likely see more intense flavor.  We were excited to bring in more Malbec this year which will hopefully allow us to bump up production on Bodega's wine. We will have to wait til next year to see if it will actually work when we sit down at the blending table. I know a lot of you have asked if we could make a straight Malbec and although I, too, love it, we would have to sacrafice another wine to do it. 16 different wines is quite the challenge already. In the meantime, we have some great wines still available from the Sept 1st release. If you haven't ordered any of the 2012 vintage from us, you are missing out. Phenomenal wines but don't wait too long as some are already sold out with many others soon to do the same. Happy October everyone (and Columbus Day for those who have it off :) ) Cheers ~ Matt