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Barrel tasting

February 25, 2017  Barrel Sampling Event

This is a great opportunity to taste the 2015 wines still in the barrel. With wine thieves in hand, we bring out barrels of our favorites wines for the year for you to sample right from the barrel!   More upcoming events »

It's Standing Order Confirmation Time!

If you have not done so already, don't forget to confirm your Standing Order before the wines are sold out.  We are anticipating selling out very quickly this year!  Visit or call 707-942-6995, fax 707-942-0895 or email

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Winter 2016 posted by Matthew Moye

We hope everyone had a wonderful Fall and a great Thanksgiving. The Harvest this year was remarkable. Much like last year it came early and it came quick. The flipside (a much more positive side) is that it came with much more fruit than the 2015 vintage. Quality was still strong and it is great to see so many full barrels in the barrel room. We just put the last wine down to barrel last week and are now taking a much needed break before we start working on the 2015 blends in a couple weeks. We had a great time visiting with many of you as you picked up your futures. We still have a few more weeks to pickup your orders. If you know when you are coming, please give us a call a few days prior so we can set aside time to taste with you. If you know you are not going to get here by December 31st, please call us to arrange shipping in order to get your wine in time for the holiday. We are busy getting the standing order packets done as well. For those who don’t know what our Standing Order program is, it is a way to ensure you get the wines you want each year before they sell out. We start confirming standing orders in early January for the much anticipated 2015 vintage. Standing order customers are always allowed to pre-order first. With the very light tonnage from the 2015 vintage, we believe that much of the wine will be allocated to the Standing Order customers with little if any left to sell to new customers. So please get your orders in soon. We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday season. Please share your “Arroyo” moments with us, as we always like to hear how our wines are doing. Happy holidays from our family to yours~ Matt