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Come Taste Hard to Find Vintages

May 2th, 2015

Open House

Discover some of our great older vintages at our yearly Open House. Although most of our wines sell out every year, we stow away a few cases of each wine and keep them in our personal library to age. Every April, we select our favorites and invite you to come taste and purchase these vintages at our May Open House.

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Blends are done posted by Matthew Moye


It's been awhile since I last posted but wanted to bring you up to date on whats going on in the cellar. The 2014 vintage was early and quick. The fact that we had to wait for barrels before putting the wine down means that we need to look at our ordering schedule for next year and perhaps getting barrels earlier. Curious if this sort of climate is what we are going to have to get used to. As for the wines, they are maturing well in the cellar. I pulled some samples last week and they were pretty tasty :) The entire Vincent Arroyo staff just wrapped up our blending trials. One of the perks working at the winery is that we all get to sit down and give our input on how the individual blocks taste and what blocks would work well together as a blend. As I probably stated before, all of our wines remain as single vineyard/blocks for the entire first year of aging. After that first year we sit down and taste the blocks. The reason we wait a year is that oak is the only flavor component we actually add to wine (the rest coming from the grape). We want to see what that oak does to the individual block before we blend the blocks together. We started off with our Petite Sirah blocks. The very first wine we made was the Winemaker Reserve. The blend is still 100% Petite Sirah but comes off our best blocks and then goes back to barrel for an additional 2 years. The next wine was the estate Petite Sirah. Again a blend of different blocks but still 100% Petite Sirah. The estate Petite will then be down in barrel until August when it will be bottled and then released this Fall. We also have 2 single vineyard Petite Sirah's (Greenwood & Rattlesnake). Those two blocks do not get blended with any other block and remain as a single block all the way up to bottling. Once the Petite's were done, we moved to Cab and then to our true blends like Bodega, Nameless & Melange. After 2 grueling (actually fun) weeks, we finished up with the elegant Entrada blend today. The blend was a product of our Cab Reserve, Petite Reserve & Syrah wines. It took us a little bit longer than most years to make this particular wine, but I think once you taste it, you will appreciate the efforts. Now that the trials are done, Mario and I have the fun job of pulling out the barrels and actually putting these blends together. We should have this can be done in the next 2 weeks, in time for our February 21st Barrel Tasting. Hopefully many of you will be able to attend. Its the first chance of tasting the 2013 vintage and you will not be disappointed.  For those that haven't confirmed their standing order there is still time. Please call the office at 707-942-6995 or e-mail Also rememeber, while attending the barrel tasting, you can always make adjustments to your order so long as the wines you want to add are still available. Those without standing orders can begin to pre-order after Februray 1st.. Hope to see many of you at the tasting and if you ever have questions about the wine feel free to e-mail me at I also love getting comments on how our older wines are doing. Cheers ~ Matt