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Spring has Sprung…and so have the vineyards posted by Matthew Moye


I apologize for not updating the blog through the winter. We have been busy putting the 2014 vintage together, entertaining customers at the Barrel Tasting in February and bottling our Chardonnay earlier this month, just to name a few. The vineyards are looking amazing this year. Mother Nature gave us a much deserving soaking of El Nino rains that comes to much relief to our stressed out dry-farmed vines. We are currently suckering the vineyard as well as discing and plowing the cover crop back into the ground for vine nutrients. We are still not out of the woods in terms of frost risk, so keep your fingers crossed we get through May untouched. If Mother Nature does cooperate we should be back to average in terms of tonnage per acre. Overall production might be down a bit since Vince is in the process of doing some replanting which means some vineyards are not under production right now. Some of our vineyards are reaching the 30-40 year mark and the yields have diminished, so its time to start over. Typically we won't see our first crop from these new plantings for another 3 years.

The winery tasting room has had a great spring with lots of new faces visiting us as well as great conversations with existing customers. The crew has welcomed another member to our team. Jim Rothberg has brought a lot of great energy to the tasting room. We are currently getting ready to host our annual Open House on Saturday May 7th from 10-3. We hope many of you will be able to join us for some great Paella and even more amazing library wines. We do still have some spots open for our dinner held at the winery that weekend. Please call the office for more details. Also, please plan your future visits to us ahead of time by giving us a call to make an appointment. We want to ensure everyone is taken care of and drop-ins are having to be turned away due to us not being able to give you the proper Arroyo treatment.

Now to the wines....The 2015 vintage is AMAZING. The only problem is that we are pretty low in terms of quantity. We finished racking the vintage last month and we are super excited to what the future holds. These wines won't be blended until January 2017. What does the low quanity mean for you? First, it means confirm your standing order early next year. Secondly, it means stock up on the 2014 vintage. We are currently selling the 2014 out of barrel and the wines are going fast. People are loving them. If you have already confirmed, we thank you for the order. If you have not confirmed or want to place a new order please call the winery soon to ensure your futures. These wines will be released on September 1st and are available through December to either pick up or be shipped. You can always add more to an existing order so long as those wines are still available. Many of you have been asking when Rosie, our new black Labrador, is getting her wine. She will be releasing her wine next year in the Futures allocation. Stay tuned. We also have a few suprises with some additional wines that have not been announced but will be released this year in honor of our 30th vintage. Be sure we have you on our e-mail lists so you don't miss out. Again, stay tuned...  

Finally, we hope all of you are enjoying your Arroyo wines. We always enjoy feedback, especially on the older vintages and how they are doing. We hope to see many of you over the next few months of summer. If you ever have any questions about the wine please let us know. We would be happy to assist in any way.


Cheers for now- Matt