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End of Summer posted by Matthew Moye

8/5/15 – Summer is nearly over! We finished up with our last bottling last weekend. It’s a nice relief knowing that the 2013 vintage is safe and sound in bottle. Our release date is not until September 1st, so if you plan on picking your “futures” up this Fall you are welcome to do so after that date. All we ask is that you call to schedule an appointment at least a few days beforehand. Now that bottling is behind us we are busy getting the cellar ready for Harvest. I was out checking the vineyards yesterday and it looks like we are about 3-4 weeks out before our first pick. As it looks right now we are about a week earlier than last year. The earlier harvest can be directly attributed to our long standing drought. Many people have e-mailed and called to ask how the drought is affecting us. Fortunately, Napa County received more rain than our southern neighbors. Still not an average year, but enough to keep the grapes happy. The fact that we “dry farm” helped our plants since their roots are already deep in the soil. (Dry farming is when you let Mother Nature do her thing in terms of water (meaning no drip irrigation for us).) Hopefully the weather forecaster’s are right this year in that El Nino will help replenish our reservoirs this upcoming winter. As for other happenings in the winery, many of you have heard we have a new 4-legged family member named Rosie that has joined us. Rosie is a female black Labrador Retrievor. Currently, she is at obedience school, but will be back with us at the winery next week. It’s great to see Bodega having a friend again to play with. As for another dog wine debut, we will have to wait and see. I will try and keep a more updated blog during the harvest to keep everyone informed. Like always, if you have any questions about the wine or the harvest, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me at Hope the end of the summer BBQ’s are including some Arroyo vino.
Cheers - Matt