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Warmer weather is here and it's time to spend some time with family and friends.  Plan a party, host a dinner, meet up for some winetasting or just enjoy a much deserved glass of wine on a quiet day/evening at home.  No excuses required! 

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Time flies….. posted by Matthew Moye

...when you work at a winery. I apologize for my lack of posting this Spring. It has been crazy the past few months. The vines are growing like crazy. Unfortunately Mother Nature didn't give us the moisture we so desperately needed, so we will see what that will do to our yields. Fortunately, the fact that we dry farm helps the plants since their root system already is forced to go deep to look for water. We are also in a replanting year, so we have removed some of our older plantings and will be replanting next Spring. What does all that mean to you, our customers? It means you better get your standing orders in early in order to get the wines that you want as they will be limited for the next few years. On the winery side, we have been busy getting the 2013 vintage ready for bottling. In April we bottled up the 2014 Chardonnay, 2014 High Point Sauvignon Blanc and the 2013 Melange Reserve. The rest of the wines will be bottled this summer with the release being in September. So far those that were fortunate to try the 2013's from the barrel have loved what they tasted and are excited for the Fall release. Last weekend we had our annual Open House. Gerard's Paella was stellar with people returning for seconds and even thirds :0 We also brought out our library wines and released the 2012 Bodega! It was a spectacular weekend of food and wine culminating with the 2 winemaker dinners that occurred as well. Needless to say we were pretty tired from all the festivities but definitely enjoyed visiting and seeing our loyal customers who continue to come back and see us year after year. We still have some library wine left, so if you just drank that last bottle of killer cab or petite sirah from 2005, there may be a bottle or two left to buy. We also are getting close to closing our shipping windows to ground shipments due to the weather warming up across the country. Now is the time to restock up, while the shipping is cost effective. Besides the library wines, we have the Bodega and a few wines out of the 2012 vintage left. Call the winery for inquiries. Lastly, Vince and I are getting ready to hit the road for some winemaker dinners in Houston. Those that are interested in going, please call the winery to make reservations. The date is June 6th at Braeburn Country Club in Houston. Wines have already been sent for the dinner and there are some great ones to be had. Wishing everyone a great rest of your spring, hopefully with some wonderful Arroyo wine. Cheers! Matt