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Fantastic Vintage

What an amazing 2014 vintage passed through the winery this Fall. With 3 amazing vintages in a row, Mother Nature could not have been more helpful. If only she will now let it RAIN!

The Fall is flying by and we still have many customers that still need to pickup. If you know you can't make it here by the end of next month, please call to make arrangements to ship. Come January, it will be very difficult to get to your wine. For all others, we are in the midst of getting the rest of the shipments out. Our goal is by Thanksgiving. If you have changed shipping addresses or credit cards since we last communicated with you, please call to get them updated so it doesn't delay your shipment.

One last note, we still have a few wines left, so if you think you didn't stock up enough for the year or need some gifts for the holidays, please give us a call soon. Happy Holidays!

Big News!

We have bottled our 2012 vintage wines (2011 Reserves and 2013 Chardonnay) – which all turned out spectacularly!

We are sold out of almost half of the wines already. If you have an order to pick up for this year please CALL AHEAD and let us know when you are coming. If you do not have an order
yet, and don't want to miss out on this incredible vintage, please CALL, EMAIL or visit the "OUR WINES" page to place an order today, before we sell out completely.
707-942-6995 or contact us

Waiting for barrels posted by Matthew Moye


Now that harvest is over, the winemaking side still has a few more weeks of work. We have most of our wine down in barrel right now with a few more tanks to deal with. Biggest slowdown is waiting for barrels to arrive. Our next shipment will be coming tomorrow with the last one next week. The 14 vintage is VERY promising!

The crew and I were tending to the 13 vintage last week and tasted through the different lots. It's going to be pretty hard to make our blends in January with so many GREAT options. If you haven't heard the story while visiting our winery, our wines all stay as separate lots for the first year of aging.  Then in January of each year the entire winery staff sits down and tastes through the different lots and decides on the blends. (I know tough job but somebody has to do it :) ) For instance, we have 8 blocks of Cabernet growing on the estate. We may like the nose from block 6 and the finish from block 3 and the mouthfeel from block 2. The Cabernet is still going to be 100% the varietal but will come off of different blocks. Whilst the Rattlesnake and Greenwood Petite's are harvested as separate blocks (like everything else) but then are kept as separate blocks all the way to the bottle. Its sort of like having a paint palate with lots of shades of red. We are fortunate to have the options that we do.

Speaking of wines, we are just about ready to ship out the remaining futures shipments to our customers in the south. We're sorry you had to wait so long but we had to let the weather cool down before we could get it out to you. For those that have already received their shipments, we hope you can have the patience to wait a little before popping those corks. Our wines do amazingly well at aging (if you want proof check out our Open House where we pour and sell wines out of our library in May). We also still have a few wines left if you want to stock up for the holiday. For those that pickup their wines, you have until December 31st to do so. If you don't think you are going to be able to make it up, please call the winery to make arrangements to ship. It is becoming much harder to store wines past that date as our inventory is then moved to another location in January making it nearly impossible to get to.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Fall!