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color change posted by Matthew Moye

July 6, 2015- Colors they are a changing. We are starting to see a transition of color in our Dornfelder patch right outside the winery. The technical term for this change is called “veraison.” Véraison is a viticulture (grape-growing) term meaning "the onset of ripening". Although it is a bit early, it is definitely a forecast of when our harvest might begin. If the stars align we are looking at yet another early harvest, probably starting around Labor Day. Our first grapes are generally our Tempranillo and Syrah, although we are experimenting with a German varietal called Dornfelder that seems to be even earlier. As the color changes so does our seasonal weather. We finally got a stretch of warm weather that made up for the cool May we experienced which probably pushed the envelope for the grapes to start turning. The vineyard crew is busy getting the vineyards ready for harvest by tucking the vines up within the wires and pulling leaves to allow good airflow and sunlight to reach the grape bunches. We have torn out a few vineyards with the hopes of re-planting next Spring. Many of our older vineyards have seen a decline in yields and Vince felt it was time to breathe some new life into the estate. We might even have a new wine to share with you in the not too distant future. Mario and I have been busy in the cellar. We just bottled our lighter reds (i.e. Sangiovese, Tempranillo, Zin, Bodega, Nameless and Port). These wines will get released in September with the rest of the wines. It was sad to not bottle JJ’s Blend this year. She was a great dog that made terrific wine. Right now, we are in the midst of filtering the 2014 vintage. It’s been our first good taste of what is to come for that vintage and if early impressions are correct, it’s going to be an extremely fun time at the blending table next January when we put it all together. Our next bottling is at the end of the month when we will bottle the big reds (Cab's, Petite’s, Merlot and Entrada). Hard to believe summer is almost half way over. We have put a weather hold on deliveries of wine right now unless you request 2nd day air. That doesn’t mean you can’t still purchase wine. We have started a “Fall pallet” of wine that will ship once the weather cooperates. We are almost out of the spectacular 2012 vintage, with a few wines left, don’t wait until they are gone. Wishing everyone a safe summer, hopefully with a little Arroyo vino around the BBQ. Cheers~ Matt