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Summer 2016 posted by Matthew Moye

It has been awhile…..Spring turned to Summer in a heartbeat. We have been busy bottling and prepping for the next harvest. Right now we are just finishing up with veraison in the vineyard. “Veraison” is a term to describe the maturation of the grapes of when they turn from green to red in color. The crop is looking really good this year. We are a bit down in tonnage but not nearly like we were in 2015. The lighter crop is most likely due to the many years of drought we have seen. Fortunately, this year we received more rain than in previous years which will hopefully help out next years crop. Stay tuned. The lighter crop is not such a bad thing as there will be more concentration in flavors than we typically see & taste. As far as this year is concerned we are looking at yet another early harvest. It used to be that when customers would ask when to come out to Calistoga to see the harvest, the general and safe answer would be October. That was not the case last year as our last harvest of grapes was in September. This year could quite possibly be the same. The bonus is getting all of the grapes in before the rains come. The flipside is that in a condensed harvest we may not have enough tank space to accommodate all the fruit coming in at once. We will just have to wait and see.

The 2014 vintage has almost all been bottled. We have one more bottling in August and the wines will be ready to be released the 1st of September. If you plan to pick up your wine that you pre-ordered through our futures program, you may do so after the 1st. All we ask is that you give us a call to setup an appointment so that we may be able to pull your wine before your arrival. For those that have their wine shipped, we will begin shipping mid-September, weather permitting and will continue to ship through the Fall. Generally, the Northwest gets their wine first with the southern states seeing their wine early November. If addresses or credit cards have changed, please call the winery soon so as to not delay your shipments.

We hope to see many of you this Fall and please enjoy the new release. It shaped up to be a fantastic vintage! Cheers - Matt