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Blink posted by Matthew Moye

10/6/15 Blink and you missed it....Harvest 2015

I can't believe its October 6 and we have been pretty much done with harvest for over a week! Harvest 2015 was a wild ride. We had the earliest start and ealiest finish in our history. Fellow Napa winemakers all agree, great vintage we just wished there was more. The fruit was more balanced than in previous vintages. We had great acidity and yet we were able to achieve ripeness at the same time. The only negative was the yield and it was a pretty scary negative for us. We harvested only 50% of what we did last year. Mother Nature's unending drought finally took its toll this year. Hopefully the weather guys are right and we get some of those El Nino storms they are hyping about. In the cellar we are now waiting for our Malolactic fermentations to complete. For those of you unfamiliar to "ML" fermentations, they are a secondary fermentation that we do with our red wines. We introduce a beneficial cultured bacteria that converts the malic acid into lactic acid thereby giving us the fullbodyness that we expect in a red wine. Our Chardonnay does not go through malolactic fermentation due to our preferred style of a crisp acidic fruit forward style (more of the French style). If we did choose to go through ML we would create a buttery creamy Chardonnay (a style typical of many CA Chardonnays). Once this secondary fermentation is complete we will put the wine down to barrel for aging. Due to the early harvest we have had a chance to start taking a peak on the 2014 vintage. We won't blend that vintage for a few months but its exciting to see what it might become.

The winery has had a busy month. People have begun picking up their 2015 Futures. You have until December 31st to come and get your pre-orders but please give us a call before you arrive so we can pull your orders in the mornings before we open up. Those that have their wine shipped, we have begun the process of shipping them out. We ship by State (weather dependent) so as to avoid heat exposure. If you have changed your shipping address, received a new credit card number or expiration please let the office know so as to not delay your shipment. We do have some wine still available so if you don't have an order in or want to add to your order please do so soon. As we get further into Fall many of your favorite wines will begin to sell out. You can call the office at 707-942-6995 during the week between 9-5 PST and they can help you or just jump on our website and place the order there at

We hope everyone had a wonderful Summer and are enjoying some Arroyo wines at those football parties and tailgates this Fall. If you ever have any questions about the wines feel free to e-mail me at Here's to a happy Fall and Thanksgiving.

Cheers~ Matt