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Quick Tips

Several tips about wine that we are frequently asked:

How long should I age my wine?

Our wine is meant to be enjoyed. While we do not want to discourage saving that special bottle, please do not wait too long. While we try to craft all of our wines to where they can be enjoyed right after bottling, they will benefit from some additional aging in the bottle. While Vincent Arroyo Winery Petite Sirahs and Cabernets can be age anywhere between 1-7 years from the vintage date, our lighter red blends should really be enjoyed between 1-5 years from the vintage date. For more specific information about any of our wines, just ask. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the optimal drinking window.

How should I serve my wine?

Both red and white wines can be served at room temperature or cooler – between 55-70 degrees. While many white wine drinkers prefer their white wines slightly chilled, around 45 degrees, it is perfectly acceptable to serve them a little warmer to allow the flavors and bouquet to develop.

How should I pair my wine?

Wine can be paired with food or enjoyed on its own. As a general rule, heavier and more robust wines are best paired with food with richer and heartier foods whereas many whites and lighter reds are best complemented with lighter meats and vegetables.

How should I store my wine?

Wine bottles should always be stored on their side or upside down. This ensures that the cork will not dry out and cause the wine to oxidize or spoil. Wine should also be stored out of the heat, and out of direct sunlight. If you don’t have a wine cooler or wine refrigerator, it’s best to keep your wine in a cool, dark and humid basement or closet.

I’m planning an event, how many bottles should I provide?

If you are planning a dinner party or other event, plan one bottle of wine for every two to three people. It's always best to have a couple of extra bottles on hand just in case as it is always better to have a little left over than not enough!

What is the best way to transport my wine?

Be extremely careful about your wine in transit. Many people do not realize just how hot it can get it a parked car, especially during the summer. Try to keep your wine in the car with you- not in the trunk and make sure that you do not leave it in a hot car, even for a little while, or it may spoil. Good solutions for storing wine during a warm day while you are out enjoying yourself include, carrying an ice chest with dry ice (to minimize damage to the label) or even brining your wine with you into different establishments if it is not too burdensome. Many wineries actually encourage this practice.

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